Coming Up: Creative Breath Workshop- May 20


An innovative workshop that guides students to re-discover their intuition by combining a variety of spiritual practices will take place on May 20 in New Rochelle.

Caroline Reddy, a certified Reiki Master, educator, writer and longtime Zen practitioner, has envisioned The Creative Breath as a unique workshop. This class combines meditation, visualization and journaling to refresh, re-energize and relax the mind. Students will tune in to their authentic selves, write and share their journey with others in a safe and sacred space.

“Caroline is naturally intuitive with a gentle presence,” said Jessica Rowshandel. “I felt immersed in the visualizations that led me to important epiphanies and growth because I was able to be guided by my own intuition. Her clear directions and the safe and peaceful atmosphere she creates is critical to this process. I highly recommend this workshop.”

The cost of The Creative Breath is $35 per person and $30 for teacher trainees at Westchester Yoga Arts.

More information here.

 Westchester Yoga Arts, 49 Lawton Street, New Rochelle

Photo: Jesus Baez



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