Coming Up: Rocking for the Center for Continuing Ed – Nov. 1


Sway will be one band playing Mamaroneck Thursday


By day, they might be delivering the day’s breaking news story, but by night you might find one of them rocking out with their popular Westchester County based bands.

It’s called “The B Side”—When those who give you the headlines are headliners.

NBC’s Kate Snow and her band Clever By Accident and CBS’s Lou Young and his band Sway share the stage for a fun night of Rock & Roll to benefit  The Center for Continuing Education,  Thursday, Nov. 1 at Molly Spillane’s in Mamaroneck, 7-10pm.  .

The bands reflect the Center’s mission – by day the band members work their “day jobs” but at night they “take a different course” and pursue their passion for music. 

Both bands are donating their time and the event is sponsored Chase and Julia B. Fee, which allows all the proceeds from ticket sales go to help the Center continue to offer affordable classes and scholarships.

Tickets are $50 and include food such as quesadillas, satays and more. 

Purchase tickets from The Center for Continuing Ed at



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