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One of Josel's recent local clients

Leslie Josel of Larchmont has seen it all in her job bringing order out of a peculiar kind of chaos –people who just can’t throw anything away. And that’s what she named her business, Order Out of Chaos.

On Saturday, Leslie is featured on “Stuffed: Food Hoarders,” an episode of the Cooking Channel where she helps out a Mount Vernon family so overwhelmed with the demands of an autistic child that their kitchen, and their lives, are out of control. (click here. You have to see those photos.)

She tackles the family’s kitchen and dining room, “which included hundreds of canned goods, many with old expiration dates, cookware and kitchen paraphernalia piled high to the ceiling leaving those areas virtually unusable.”

And I thought my house was a mess.

January 29th at 8:00 pm : DIRECTV, DISH Network,Verizon FiOs

photo- Leslie Josel

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