Coming Up: Intoxicated by Color, Mamaroneck

 "Doll in blue turban" by Ellen Martin.

“Doll in blue turban” by Ellen Martin.

A Local Photography Exhibit, “Intoxicated by Color,” curated by Palmer Davis at Margo Hotson’s MiST Vintage & Modern Store will open June 9th, from 6:00p-8:00pm.
Says photographer Sandra Wong Geroux, “As human beings, we see in color instinctively. But as photographers, seeing in color is a learned practice. When utilized effectively, color has the power to deepen our sensual and psychological understanding of an image. The expressive power of color can be harnessed in as many ways as there are hues and shades: to create impact, to reflect harmony, to heighten tension, to suggest symbolism, to tell a story, to push emotional buttons, to reference art history, to paint a mood, to awaken memories, to evoke a magical realm…”


MiST Home • 614 Fenimore Road • Mamaroneck

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