Coming Up: Go Batty at Sheldrake Center, Larchmont – Oct. 27


Did you know bats are the world’s only flying mammals? Scientists say just one little brown bat in your yard can eat up to 1,000 mosquito-size insects in only an hour! To find insects and other food, bats use echolocation which lets them navigate in total darkness.

Find out more amazing bat facts on Saturday October 27  from 5 to 6:30 pm  when  Sheldrake Environmental Center in Larchmont hosts a pre-Halloween family program in which naturalists challenge some bat myths with proven facts about bats and other nocturnal creatures.

In addition to stories about bats and photos of the many different kinds of bats, the program features bat crafts, and you can go on a guided forest hike with a naturalist to look for signs of bats and other creatures.

To top it off, the naturalists will show you how to play several “batty” games!

The program will run 5 -6:30 pm rain or shine. It is free for members and  $10 per person for non-members.

Sign up here.

The next seasonal walk at Sheldrake will take place on Sunday Nov. 4 from 10-11 AM. It’s FREE. Register in advance. Appropriate for all ages. Please register in advance.

Sheldrake Environmental Center is located at 685 Weaver Street, Larchmont, NY 10538 914.834.1443


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