Coming Up: Don’t Be Idle, April 23


The Town of Mamaroneck, the Village of Mamaroneck, the Village of Larchmont and the City of Rye are joining forces for the Sound Shore “No Idling Day” on April 23. 2012.

The idea is to educate everyone about the harmful effects of engine idling and the local laws prohibiting it.

Town of Mamaroneck Supervisor Nancy Seligson writes,

“Idling vehicles create air pollution that is hazardous to human health, especially children. Idling wastes gasoline and damages the environment. The US EPA has identified idling as a major contributor to particulate material emissions. Exposure to vehicle exhaust increases the risk of cancer, lung disease and asthma. Children are particularly vulnerable to air pollution because their lungs are still developing and they breathe more air per pound of body weight than adults do.”

So turn it off April 23 and whenever you can.


8 thoughts on “Coming Up: Don’t Be Idle, April 23

  1. If anyone in government is serious about reducing pollution, the first thing they should do is eliminate around 90% of the STOP signs, and put an end to the constant stop/start driving (which is hard on cars and very bad for emissions).

    I learned to drive in the UK, where people seem to get by just fine with 95% YIELD signs, 5% STOP signs. Here the percentage seems to be precisely reversed, and stop signs are very largely disrespected as a result.

  2. Oh wow, I don’t see alot of people running the red light at Chatsworth/Palmer at all to be honest, and I’m around the Village alot. Also it is NOT true that the LPD dont follow a car and pull him over (going down Chatsworth, towards the TOWN line) I see it all the time. I dont mean to be mean Kayblossom, but I dont agree with your rant at all. Also, if some one is in the intersection and making a left turn, it is legal for one car to be in there when the light is red, and then make the left when it’s safe (is this what you are talking about?) That is 100% legal in NYS for ONE car to be in the (invisible box) when making a left turn. In NYC it isnt because they have the BOX. Anyway, like I said, I dont agree with you and I’m there alot.

    • I am not referring to people completing left turns when in the box. I commute. I have seen, multiple times: cars shooting across the box on red on Palmer towards Mamaroneck having not been in the box before the light turned and after pedestrians have entered the block (once I had to jump back, once I saw someone else jump back). That is generally in the morning.

      Coming home in the evenings: multiple cars turning right from Palmer onto Chatsworth towards Mamaroneck/the bridge having not been in the box before the red and while waves of pedestrians have entered the block. Multiple times the crowd of pedestrians have commented that cars always do this, we are all at risk of being run down n, that someone’s going to be hurt, the police won’t do anything about it.

      It’s not my opinion. It’s what I (and other commuters) have experienced and seen.

  3. If we are going to discuss traffic – cars and signage – let’s add to the traffic hazard list the intersection of Chatsworth and Palmer.

    After years and years of complaints of the red light/walk light not being enforced (and the Larchmont police have chosen not to enforce it because, as one Larchmont officer told my husband, they don’t want to chase anyone over the Chatsworth bridge because that’s Mamaroneck) a pedestrian will inevitably be hit, hurt or killed there. Cars continue to run the red in the morning and at night cars continue to go right on red through the pedestrians onto Chatsworth – because they know they can.

    All the complaints….Josh Mandell’s plan was to use the beautification project to offset the intersection – whatever happened with that? Complaints to the traffic committee over they years – not interested, didn’t want to hear it. The Larchmont police literally don’t want to see it or hear about it – twice I’ve observed cars running the red while an officer happily chatted away to a resident with his back to the intersection. The officer telling my husband they don’t enforce it came only after he and my husband watched someone run the red during the walk sign – the officer couldn’t deny he hadn’t seen it.

    I know that the police are not legally obligated to enforce such laws – strange but true, they get to pick and choose – but honestly, this is the biggest question I have about traffic danger in Larchmont, the biggest issue that I just cannot understand why it is allowed to continue. There are other intersections where drivers know they can’t fudge or will get caught – but not the main intersection of the Village. Running the red light at the intersection of Chatsworth and Palmer during the pedestrian walk light is allowed.

    Someone with the time (which unfortunately I don’t have) should do an expose on that intersection – set up a camera and watch the cars go through the pedestrians, especially while Larchmont police officers are standing around the intersection. Considering that nothing yet has moved anyone to change one bit, I even wonder if that would make a difference.

  4. Someone should tell the Town of Mamaroneck police officers who guide traffic near St John and Paul’s on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Their engines are often running continuously. And maybe they could clean up after using flares also. Or the church might have their youth perform that service.

    A nearby resident.

  5. It was toungue in cheek. I didn’t mean to sound as if I was dismissing the day or cause. I was simply pointing out the absurdity of the lights in this town. It takes 10 minites to go 2 miles with no technical traffic.

    And I did note that no right turn on red shouldn’t change near schools nor busy intersections. But I’ll be honest in saying I’ve never even seen them prior to moving here. Why aren’t NYers smart enough not to hit people or get hit when turning right on red? You can turn left on a simple green light (i.e not left arrow) and to me, that is even more dangerous with apposing traffic.

  6. with all due respect jjinta. It’s not worth compromising public safery for such. But the comparison of simply turning off your car engine and doing right on red’s are like apples and oranges.

  7. You’d think that a town so concerned about unnecessary idling would figure out how to actually time their stoplights for the speed limit, and eliminate about 95% of the ‘no turn on red’ signs when you are nowhere near a school nor busy crosswalk.

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