Colin’s Wine of the Week: Mon Pre Carre 2011


Loop readers may receive a complimentary taste of wines featured in theLoop’s Wine of the Week at Bar’Lees Wine and Whiskey Bar in Mamaroneck.

Varietal – Marselan: Mon Pre Carre 2011

Ever hear of Marselan? Despite its seeming newness, it dates back nearly five decades when it was first grown in France.

Marselan is a hybrid varietal bred in 1961 in a small town in the Languedoc region located on France’s Mediterranean coast called Marseillan. It is a splendid cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache and exhibits the characteristics of both.

The style of Mon Pre Carre 2011 ($11/glass) we are presenting this week at Bar’Lees, is very dark in color and has an equally dark nose of blackcurrants and cherries.

Your first sip yields a smooth and velvety experience abundant with black fruits laced with sweet spice notes. The Mon Pre Carre is a medium bodied wine which resembles an fully ripe Pinot Noir rather than a full-bodied Cabernet like it’s father.

Mon Pre Carre, paired with a serve of red meats or lamb and chorizo meatballs, is perfect as the spices from the wine and the meats work beautifully together.

Colin Goundrey is a partner at Bar’Lees Wine and Whisky bar in Mamaroneck.

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