Colin’s Wine of the Week: Baco Noir


Baco Noir 009

A Little Gem – Baco Noir

In my first column I introduced a relatively new varietal called Marselan from the Rhone region of France, so I thought I would try you on another new comer to the Bar’Lees wine list – Baco Noir – pronounced BA-koh NWAHR which has solid roots (excuse the pun) to the US.

Baco Noir is a hybrid red wine grape variety produced from a cross of the French varietal Folle Blanche (a Cognac grape) and an unknown variety going only by its botanical handle ‘Vitis riparia’ which is indigenous to North America.

Baco Noir made its US debut in the early ‘70s when Phillipe Giradet, of Giradet Wine in Oregon, first planted cuttings that he procured from Canadian vignerons who had first dabbled with the varietal in the mid ‘50s. Fast forward 40+ years and from what I see, Giradet has pretty much got the Baco Noir market to himself – not sure why, because his 2010 is a stunning wine.

Aromas of juicy blackberries and dark roasted coffee bounce out of the glass and flavors of plum and blueberry are finished off with toasted vanilla and chocolate. 
Feel free to call into Bar’Lees anytime over the next week (Tue-Sun after 5pm) and enjoy a complimentary taste of this little gem.  I drank the Giradet with Lamb and Chorizo meatballs – perfect.

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