Cigarette Caused Fire that Killed Capt. Sullivan and 3 in Family


Fire scene, Carmel

Police held a news conference in Putnam County today to announce that a cigarette discarded by Thomas Sullivan Jr. accidentally caused the fire that killed his parents and his two sisters on May 1.

As we reported this morning, investigators had ruled the fire was not intentionally set.

Larchmont Police Captain Thomas Sullivan Sr., 48, his wife, Donna, 47, and their daughters, Meaghan, 17, and Mairead, 15, died in the blaze  at their home in Carmel, New York.

Thomas, Jr. has said the Larchmont Police Captain saved his son from the inferno that claimed the rest of the family yesterday, then ran back in to try to get his wife and two daughters.

Sullivan was with the Larchmont Police force  for 19 years, after serving six years with New York City police as a community patrol officer in the 47th Precinct in the Bronx.

Residents of Larchmont Village say son Thomas, Jr. and daughter Meaghan worked at Flint Park Day Camp. Tom, Jr. has also worked at the Larchmont Dept. of Public Works.

 Photos: Top and bottom by Jacqueline Silberbush; center, Putnam Executive’s Office


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