Which Came First? The Chickens or the Neighbors?

WESTCHESTER– Raising chickens has become a (renewed) trend in Westchester County. Locally grown food gets even local-er with a chicken coop in the back yard. Some people worry that chicks in the ‘hood will de-value real estate. There are reports about neighbors complaining about noise. In a recent New York Times article, a real estate agent crowed, “A chicken coop next door can definitely lower the value of nearby homes, especially when it infringes on a neighbor’s right to quiet enjoyment.”

To avoid this problem many towns don’t allow roosters, but allow chickens.

Farmers Markets are Back this Weekend

The Community Markets summer Farmers Markets return Saturday May 26! This will be the organization’s  21 st season of managing local farmers markets in   Croton-on-Hudson,  Larchmont, Mamaroneck Indoor (closed for season), New Rochelle (opens June 22), Ossining, Pleasantville, Rye,  and Tarrytown. “Since 1991, when we started our first farmers market in Ossining, the goal has always been to connect people directly with farmers.” says founder said Miriam Haas. “Even with our artisanal producers, we make sure that they source their ingredients from area farms. We’re doing our job when we’re able to help keep farms and local businesses healthy.”

In Larchmont, The vendors returning for the 2012 season include: Thornwood Farm, Sugar & Spice Catering , Kontoulis Family Olive Oil , Orwashers Bakery , Orchards of Concklin , Flourish Baking Company , Calcutta Kitchens , Kiernan Farm , Christiane’s Backstube, Tierra Farm , Doc Pickle , Migliorelli Farm , Bombay Emerald Chutney Company , Plates , Coach Farm , Gaia’s Breath Farm , Newgate Farms, Lani’s Farm, and Trotta Pasta.

Pawn This: Quick Cash, White Plains


At the Quick Cash on the Post Road in White Plains, customers receive a card that says,
 Pawning is the world’s oldest form of banking. Quite simply, pawning an item for money is the same as taking a collateral loan. A person in need to money can bring items of value to a pawn broker, and the broker will assess the value of the items and give out a loan based on their value. The person pawning the item has a specific amount of time to pay the loan back or they lose the item. They can also pay the due interest, and extend the loan.

Another Historic Building to be Razed?

We’ve always really liked Loop contributor June Marie Sobrito’s images of the old Brandreth Pill Factory in Ossining, a 35,000-square-foot building on Water Street that is on the National Register of Historic Places. But given the story below, about the renovation of the Mamaroneck Train Station, this is particularly sad. Ossining village officials are talking about tearing down the building and putting up luxury apartments. The site has reportedly been a hangout for underage drinking and graffiti artists. So tear it down?