Briarcliff Beset with ‘Box Bashings

BRIARCLIFF MANOR– Briarcliff is dealing with a rash of smashings: mailbox bashings. And Village officials are mad. Here is a note to residents from Village Manager Philip Zegarelli:
No, it’s NOT funny… mailbox bashing is not funny now and never was.  The increase

in mailbox bashings is more than disturbing… and certainly not harmless or humorous.  The vandalism has escalated and now taken a more disturbing turn into the sheer destruction of private property.  Mailbox bashing is a personal attack on your own quiet enjoyment of your own home; a violation to your neighbor and your neighborhood; and costly. The destruction is hit-and-run and may appear random… tending to occur in the early mornings … and has expanded. While our Police Department cannot patrol every street at all times, we will meet the challenge.  But for us to be successful, we are asking for your help.