Westchester.gov Web Sites Seem to be Working

Several of the Westchester.gov Web sites run by the County seem to be back up–at least sporadically– after being hacked Friday. The hacker’s message poked fun at the county’s computer security, saying “Security is a joke! Your box owned by Mr.XHat Greets To: All Underground Hackers & Mafia Bands.”

The sites were those of Several of Westchester County’s offices, including those for the district attorney, the county clerk and the Board of Legislators. Did this shutdown affect you? Did it get in the way of your doing business with the County, finding directions, or anything else?

Local Soccer League Accused of ‘Abusive Behavior’


theLoop received a Letter to the Editor from a reader claiming the Mamaroneck Junior Soccer League (MJSL) engaged in “disrespectful and abusive behavior” against a team from Fox Lane recently. We asked MJSL for a response, which you can see below it. To the Editor:

On Saturday night Mamaroneck FC 93 played Fox Lane FC Best Friends in soccer at The Armonk Indoor Soccer League winning the game 5-1 and also a place in the Hall of Shame along with their coach and some of the parents. During an intense game the coach of the Mamaroneck team resorted to a play of verbal attacks on the Fox Lane players and their coach, even promising one of the players, “I’ll see you after the game…”

In this country we live by rules and the golden rule for any sport is respect.  On Saturday, the Mamaroneck coach failed on every bullet point in the Code of Ethics.  The ultimate offense came when his players refused the traditional team handshakes after the game.  Where’s the leadership and sportsmanship? The disrespectful and abusive behavior exhibited throughout the game by the Mamaroneck coach only incited the players which, not surprisingly, led to a melee after the game.   What was surprising, however, was the conduct of some of the parents who asserted their own aggression on their defenseless opponents that were half their size.  How absurd!

Vegetarians Can Find Lots to Like

Vegetarians and Vegans have more and more options when dining in restaurants in Westchester. Our friends at StacyKnows have compiled a list you should have if you don’t eat meat. And if you know any more, please add them in the comments section. Their Up County picks are:

Moderne Barn
Cheesecake Factory
Fig and Olive
Blue Hill

Read more. photo: Fotopedia

One Year + 10,000 Glasses of Wine- Vintage1891 Celebrates First Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to Vintage 1891 in Larchmont, which opened a year ago this weekend. For many, Vintage, a beautiful venue in a meticulously renovated old newspaper printing factory, has become the local go-to place for food and wine, events and wine classes. We asked General Manager Michael Madden how the last year looked from behind the bar. theLoop: Does it feel like it’s been a year? Michael: It actually feels longer but in a good way because Vintage 1891 has changed so much since we first opened our doors.

Is ‘Fifty Shades’ Shaking up the Suburbs?

The paperback is now $229.00 on Amazon! Kindle edition $6.99. (And we just learned, $23.95 at Arcade Booksellers in Rye.)

Who has read Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James, the steamy, erotica the Today Show said this morning is “Shaking Up the Suburbs?” 50 Things about 50 Shades of Grey (Read React Review)
I’m Reading 50 Shades of Grey and So Is Everyone else in Armonk (stacyknows.com)
Fifty Shades of Grey (A review) (apromontoryfirst.wordpress.com)
Some Fifty to celebrate… (bookishtemptations.wordpress.com)

Come on. Tell us.

Is New Rochelle Always Passed Over for Big Box Retail?

Speaking of why some towns get shopping and others do not, (and thanks for your comments on the Armonk supermarket story,) with Whole Foods’ announced move into Port Chester, and Ridge Hill opening in Yonkers, Talk of the Sound recently asked what

Best Buy
Whole Foods
Barnes and Noble
and Kohl’s

had in common? They are “some of the retailers who recently took a pass on New Rochelle. The old adage in real estate is location, location, location. Well, for the purposes of future development in New Rochelle, it should be parking, parking, parking.” How do you think New Rochelle can begin to attract the kinds of businesses it wants, if there are any left?

Armonk’s Only Supermarket Closes

Over in Armonk, residents have lost their only supermarket, as reported by our friends at AllAboutArmonk.com:

As expected, the Armonk A&P has closed its doors for good. Most of us would agree that it was never a great supermarket, but it served the needs of the community. We stood in the interior of the store as everything remaining was being cut up for scrap material. The entire store was being demolished and the walls and shelves were cut up and put out in carting bins. The scrap collector was on hand to haul the materials off in big dumpsters.