Need Some Soul?

Soul Cycle, that addictive, slightly cult-ish mind-body workout is coming to Rye Ridge Shopping Center,

Thai Restaurant for Larchmont

Update: They’re open!
Any day now, the new Thai restaurant we told you about will soon be tucked into the charming pint-sized space next to the Larchmont train station, formerly The Catery.

Rumorville: Check the Cupboards for TJ’s PB

If you have any Trader Joe’s Creamy Salted Valencia Peanut Butter, bring it in for a refund. Stores are recalling this product over salmonella concerns. “We have no confirmed information that suggests this peanut butter is unsafe to eat,” the company states on its Web site. But the food should not be eaten “pending health-related inquiries.”

Trader Joe’s has stores in Larchmont, Scarsdale, Hartsdale, Darien and Westport.

Rumorville: Out ‘field’

LARCHMONT– field (no capital F) the colorful, original, eclectic hand-made oasis/ boutique on Larchmont’s Boston Post Road will be going out of business at the end of September. Stop by to say goodbye to Gunda and Kate and save on drastically reduced merchandise. We are sorry to see you go! field 2095 Boston Post Rd., Larchmont 914.834.0601

Trader Joe’s in Larchmont Expaaaaaaands

More wasabi nuts for you! October 1 is the target date for Trader Joe’s expansion into the former Belizzi space in the Village Square at 1260 Boston Post Road. Larchmont is one of the chain’s most profitable locations. If only they’d offer wine. But only one store per state can do that, and New York City’s Union Square store got that distinction.

Rumorville: Modern Pizza to Modernize

NEW ROCHELLE—  Fuggedaboudit!!!!!!! Modern Pizza, an icon of excellence in pie for generations, will soon leave its snug HQ on Russell Street in New Rochelle and move both the restaurant and its ginormous brick oven (that’s it, above…)

It’s rolling over to a spacious location on the 300 block of Huguenot St, across from Trinity Church, and next door to RPatisserie. Modern has been in the old location since 1920, and most recently owned by partners Sebastian Aliberti and Anthony Russo. We’ll keep you posted.

Rumorville: Pascal’s Re-rent Redux

LARCHMONT– Looks like the aforementioned new restaurant may not be taking the Pascal’s space in Larchmont. As far as we know, now several potential tenants have been in, been to the Building Dept., but no one has taken it yet.

Rumorville: Catery Going Thai?, Pascal’s to Close

It’s one of Larchmont’s more unique, even historic spaces. And a great business location, right next to the train tracks. Back in the 1940’s it was an office…most recently, The Catery. Now we hear it’s going to be a Thai restaurant. There appears to be a bar inside; this is curious as previous applications for a restaurant/bar were denied.

Rumorville: New Stores for Rye Ridge

RYE BROOK–   Rye Ridge Shopping Center wants you to know about new stores, 10,000 square feet of new stores. Shoe-Inn Shoes has signed a lease for the former Walden Books space (this is their 11th store)  and Massage Envy has signed a lease for the majority of the former Blockbuster space. There will also be a new Customers Bank in the Plaza Building. Both will open in the Fall. The Rye Ridge Shopping Center describes itself as “comprised of three distinct components which are integrated together and serve as the “downtown” or “town center” of Rye Brook.

Rumorville: Larchmont Trader Joe’s to Expand into Bellizzi Restaurant Space


A big Rumorville for you today. We hear the Bellizzi Italian Restaurant is not renewing its lease in the Trader Joe’s Shopping Center in Larchmont, and that Trader Joe’s will be expanding into the space. (Bellizzi has a second location in Mt. Kisco.)

Calls to Bellizzi owner Ray Catena were not returned, however a Trader Joe’s manager confirmed the story, saying the expansion will occur, “eventually.” Woo-hoo!

April’s Close-t

What happened here? We’ve heard a few things, about April’s Closet unconfirmed, and April’s email is bouncing. The high-end Larchmont consignment store on Myrtle Blvd. shut down suddenly earlier this year.

April Fools


For those who still think theLoop was purchased by Rupert Murdoch (April 1, 2011), here is a list of some other April Fools day “stories” in history:

8. Econoland: In 2009, the Economist announced an economics-themed amusement park, complete with a “Dow Jones Roller Coaster.”

7. The edible newspaper: London’s Metro put together a photo gallery of people munching on the free daily. The finished pages, it wrote in 2011, “are even given a light vanilla scent.”

6. Belgium dissolves.

Around Larchmont: Andy’s In, Suede Out

If it’s as good as the one in Rye, then Larchmont just got lucky. There’s a new Andy’s Pure Food at 130 Chatsworth Avenue where Mango mix was.  (And it’s next door to a now famous bank.)
And say farewell to Suede at 1903 Palmer Avenue, now having a closing sale.