For Westchester, NYC- Con Ed Day 12


I’ve been covering the Con Edison lockout for NY1. I want your opinion on this. 3.2 million people pay Con Ed for utilities, including electricity and gas. That’s the entire population of some countries. Talks broke down between the Utility Workers Union Local 1-2, covering Westchester and New York City, and Con Ed management, when their contact expired at midnight July 1.

Go Tigers!! Boys Lacrosse Making History

The Mamaroneck Boys Lacrosse team competes Saturday at Clarkstown South for the regional title. They won the Sectionals, the Section 1 Class A Final last week, against Mahopac,  for the first time in the school’s history. Photo: Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman

Before and After: A Local Business Celebrates its 30th

LARCHMONT — Thirty years in business, any business, is something to celebrate. So we celebrate Kurt Sauer Opticians in Larchmont on their 30th anniversary. Have a look at the store and owner Josie Fanelli, then– (remember the 80s?) when she was an apprentice to previous owner Kurt Sauer.  And now. They haven’t changed a bit. Congrats!

Wine with Andre: Organic Languedoc for $10

A fantastic Syrah-Merlot blend from Languedoc-Roussillon bio-dynamic for $10? Yes, I just tasted the Canon du Marechal 2010 from Domaine Cazes in France and found a superb medium to full body wine that fully expresses the terroir of this southwestern region known as Languedoc-Roussillon or Cotes Catalanes. This supple blend is 50% Merlot and 50% Syrah, with velvety fruity aromas and soft tannins, which makes it ideal to accompany any mediterranean food. It is best served at around 50 degrees. The Cazes family goes back to 1731, acquired the domaine in 1927 from Marechal Joffre ( hence the name) and went fully organic in 1997, producing a complete line of bio-dynamic wines.  The Canon du Marechal is one of the best (and most inexpensive) organic red on the market at the moment.

Congrats on the Latest Addition to the Johnson Food Truck

In our story last week, below, we mentioned the Johnson Truck was expecting another Lil’ Johnson Jr.

A baby boy arrived this morning weighing in at 8 lbs., 9 oz. Bigger than a Po’ Boy, that’s for sure. Congrats! I just had an almost perfect New Orleans style bowl of Red Beans and Rice. The brown sauce had just the right amount of Cajun seasoning.

Wine without the Whine

You’re at a table in a nice restaurant with someone you want to impress…or at least not embarrass.
Then the waiter hands you the wine list.

Cool Finds: The Johnson Food Truck

 A special Spring Break treat… I just had an almost perfect New Orleans style bowl of Red Beans and Rice. The brown sauce had just the right amount of Cajun seasoning. It was served from a truck. One of the things, I always say, that makes a town world class, is the ability to access gourmet grub on wheels.

Scarsdale Undercover


In Scarsdale Undercover, we share some of the more…unnecessary police activity that seems to occur in Scarsdale, New York. 03/25/2012 Female resident reports having a dispute with husband regarding articles of clothing. Patrol helped to mediate how much each of their clothes could be stored in the coat closet. 03/12/2012 Caller reports finding debris on her property and suspects her neighbor is retaliating against her.  Upon arrival, patrol spoke with the homeowner, who showed patrol a small pile of rocks and bricks on what appeared to be the side of her property. Mrs. *** believes that her neighbor at *** may have left the rocks and bricks their in retaliation for an incident that occurred last fall.

The Rye Man that Helped Subdue Jet Blue Pilot

Here’s a look at the LinkedIn profile of the Rye man who helped subdue the freaking pilot on Jet Blue Tuesday. Rye Patch reports Anthony Antolino, who lives in the Greenhaven section of Rye, says he was sitting in Row 10,  ” ‘…and first noticed that things were awry when one of the captains came out of the cockpit in somewhat of an unexpected manner, without the normal protocol of the cabin crew,’ said Antolino. ‘When he came out he was very erratic. He was very, very agitated…moving rapidly around …'”

Shh!! Quiet Cars Coming to Metro North

This is great news. You no longer have to listen to one side of someone else’s loud cellphone convo on the train while you’re desperate to just quietly read the paper. Or hear yourself think. Metro-North Railroad says beginning April 2, every peak hour train will have a quiet car. The Quiet CALMmute program has apparently been testing, (ever seen it?) designating one car on some trains in which riders are expected to keep their traps shut.

Science Olympians at Hommocks

Bragging rights from a proud mom:

Cathy Melamed writes,
Shameless science stage mom here…My son, Ian, and his friend, Michael Hyams,  students at Hommocks, won medals at the Hudson Valley Regional Finals of the Science Olympiad last week!  They are in 6th grade, and they placed 5th in their category “Reach for the Stars.” Just passing it along in case it sounds interesting to you.  (It’s a big deal to us, but I totally get that it might not be to everyone else, really!)  Thanks for all that you do. Thanks, Cathy. Congrats to Ian and Michael!

How Will Pension Reform Impact Schools?

At the same time some of you have begun commenting on the Mamaroneck School District’s impasse with the Teachers union, an editorial in Newsday claims Governor Cuomo’s Tier 6 pension reform dosen’t go far enough. It remains to be seen how this will impact teachers and schools in our area. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s hype machine went into overdrive late last week after the Legislature passed a scaled-back version of his Tier 6 pension reform plan. Cuomo said the result was “bold and transformational . .

They Love the Red Sox. They Hate the Yankees.


I can’t wait to see your comments on this one. OK, sports fans:

Local authors Jon Chattman, who lives in Mamaroneck and Allie Tarantino and Rich Tarantino who grew up in New Rochelle  (Allie teaches at Ward Elementary School there)  have written I Love the Red Sox/I Hate the Yankees: Personal Stories About the World’s Greatest/Worst Team, Fans, and Traditions. The authors will be signing their book at the Barnes & Noble in Stamford on March 17 at noon. Their publicist tells us:
It’s hard to believe, given the Yankees’ success and the jumpers that continue to board the bandwagon throughout the world, but many people hate the Yankees and love the Red Sox. Finally, there’s a book that will tell you why by taking you inside baseball’s most celebrated rivalry.

Iona College Goes to NCAA

How did this happen? According to the Daily News, “Iona felt its chances for an NCAA Tournament bid were so remote that coaches and players dined at separate restaurants to watch the NCAA Selection Show Sunday evening. Now the Gaels (25-7), only the second at-large team ever picked from the MAAC in the conference’s 31-year history, are getting set to take on BYU (25-8) in an NCAA first-round game in Dayton Tuesday night, with the winner getting No. 3 Marquette in Louisville Thursday night in the round of 64.” More at


Private Schools, Public Buses? A Mamaroneck School Bus Primer


Many people first moving to the Mamaroneck School District, with about 5000 students in six schools, and coming from the Village of Larchmont, the Village of Mamaroneck and the Town of Mamaroneck, are surprised to find there are no traditional school bus routes. Unlike most school districts in the County and the Country, children here do not ride school buses to and from their homes to school, unless they attend a private school within a certain distance. The latter provision comes under New York State law. Historical reasons for this include the “neighborhood schools” concept, and practical reasons include the fact that families sending their children to private schools, even as far as Greenwich, still pay taxes to the Mamaroneck District and are entitled to some services. Now, with the tax cap, according to the Lower Hudson Valley Council on School Superintendents,  if New York State funded or reduced the mileage limits for private school out-of-district transportation from 15 to 5 miles, and allowed consolidation of services, it could save over $3.5 million in one year.

Open Mike: Train Station Parking

To the Editor:

If you have the second-tier parking pass that gives you access to designated spaces at the Larchmont (or other) train station, you still have to feed the meter once you’ve parked.  Nothing wrong with that.  It’s an extra burden that comes with the lower price for this pass.  But how many of us have missed trains or come close, because we had to stop at the meter?  How many of us have risked, and received parking violations because we were running too late to take the extra step of feeding the meter?  I’m guilty on all counts. I know this is wishful thinking, and that it is not the most pressing matter facing the Town of Mamaroneck.  But wouldn’t it be great if we could feed the meter via the internet, once we were safely on the train?  You can pay for just about everything else on the internet, so why not parking? It might cut down on the number of caffeine-fueled sprinters running for the train during wet or icy weather.  It would certainly cut down on the build up of people that occasionally occurs at the machines themselves.  It might even increase town revenue, as it would encourage more uniform payment of parking fees. Despite the best efforts of the Town, there have been occasions when late commuters did not pay their parking fees, and got away with it!  A little uniformity and convenience would benefit commuters and the the town. Andy Barovick

photo: alan cleaver on flickr

A Bounty of Babies Born Leap Day

Something about Leap Day brought Westchester babies out – literally – in numbers. White Plains Hospital and Hudson Valley Hospital Center in Cortlandt Manor each welcomed five babies to the world on Wednesday. That’s a record-setting number for Feb. 29 at HVHC and also unusually high for White Plains, where a set of twins was among the newcomers. White Plains threw a birthday party for the kids – particularly nice since they won’t have another “real” one for four years.

Scarsdale Undercover


In Scarsdale Undercover, we share some of the more…unnecessary police activity that seems to occur in Scarsdale, New York.  

A Gorham Road resident reported a woman pacing in the street looking distressed. The woman told police she was waiting for a ride, which came for her while officers were on the scene. Feb. 20.

Is ‘Fifty Shades’ Shaking up the Suburbs?

The paperback is now $229.00 on Amazon! Kindle edition $6.99. (And we just learned, $23.95 at Arcade Booksellers in Rye.)

Who has read Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James, the steamy, erotica the Today Show said this morning is “Shaking Up the Suburbs?” 50 Things about 50 Shades of Grey (Read React Review)
I’m Reading 50 Shades of Grey and So Is Everyone else in Armonk (
Fifty Shades of Grey (A review) (
Some Fifty to celebrate… (

Come on. Tell us.

Westchester Whisker Wars

You’ve got to hand it to the guys – docs and all – from the Hudson Valley Hospital Center who spent a month being really hairy to help out a good cause. Running their own sort of Whisker Wars, 29 men gave up shaving during February to raise money for the Cortlandt Manor hospital’s new Comprehensive Cancer Center. The Winter Whiskers contest – which included a public “shave off” at the Quiet Man Public House in Peekskill on Monday – raised about $15,000 through sponsorships of the beard growers. The event was one part of a larger $5 million fundraising campaign to ease the cost of the cancer center, which opened in November. Donations can still be made through the hospital’s website.  


Photos courtesy of Victoria Hochman, Hudson Valley Hospital Center


Neighbors Win Fight Against Saw Mill Towers

As of last night, the Saw Mill River Parkway will remain one of the nicer Westchester roadways, and Pleasantville will be free of gigantic surveillance towers. Neighbors have won their battle against the State’s proposal to install seven, hulking traffic-watching towers along the parkway from Hawthorne to Chappaqua. The Department of Transportation officially nixed their plans on Tuesday after Pleasantville Mayor Peter Scherer, Mount Pleasant Town Supervisor Joan Maybury and New Castle Supervisor Susan Carpenter led an effort to get concerns from the community heard in Albany. More than 1,000 residents petitioned against the project. The DOT towers, which stand 125-feet tall and have a camera on top, watch for heavy congestion and accidents. “At this point in time, NYSDOT has decided not to install communications towers along the Saw Mill River Parkway,” state transportation Commissioner Joan McDonald said in a statement.

Kashiwa Asian Bistro, Mamaroneck

Coal/Newcastle. Sushi/Mamaroneck. Did Mamaroneck Avenue really need a 6th sushi restaurant? Well, yes! Loop reader Pam Older wrote in about Kashiwa:
I love Kashiwa!  Everytime I go I discover something else to love.  My favorites are the diver scallop appetizer, the duck rolls, the beef with crispy noodles and the salmon tatare.  Sherry, the owner, could not be sweeter and the big booths in the back are very cozy.   And they deliver.

The Westchester Bucket List

If you spend any time following #westchester on twitter, you may know the chatty girls at the Chat Shop. We think of it as a virtual talk-fest where no one yells and you can come and go as you please. Readers have come up with a Westchester “bucket list,” each making a list of some of the local treats they’d like to experience before they well, you know. Have a peek. photo: Jacqueline Silberbush

Scarsdale Doctor and Her ‘Best Friends for Life’


As a radiation oncologist, Elizabeth Chabner Thompson focused much of her career treating breast cancer, a disease her mother battled.  But it wasn’t until Thompson was a patient herself and chose to have preventative mastectomies to reduce the risk of the developing the disease, that she realized how hard it is to be on the other side. “Getting prepared for treatment, coping with side effects … feeling undignified and exposed, organizing medications and therapies can all make treatment seem overwhelming,” the Scarsdale resident says. Outdated garments and accessories didn’t help. Last year Thompson launched  Best Friends for Life, a Scarsdale company that creates and sells products to help make patients’ recovery easier. Specially designed pillows, designer-style BFFL bags filled with comforts like cozy socks, skin cream, and post-surgery needs are among the products currently available.

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photo: June Marie Sobrito

A Love Affair with 80 Classic Cars in New Rochelle

Eco-friendly hybrids and sporty foreign numbers have their place, but, Nick Pagani only has eyes for Big American Cars. “I go down to my garage at night and I sit and look at my cars,” Pagani says. “To me, they’re beautiful.”

Pagani – a guy born and raised in Pelham Manor who restores cars in the same New Rochelle shop his granddad opened in 1920 – has no shortage of stuff to gaze at. His collection of 80 vintage cars frequently appears in period-piece movies (often with Pagani behind the wheel) such as Revolutionary Road, The Wrestler and Angel Heart. Pagani’s wheels are currently being used in the production of Inside Llewyn Davis, the latest Coen brothers’ movie.

Cool Finds: Wildly Fantastic Orchids and a Shake, Brewster

With 100 different species of orchids – and thousands of variations when you break them down even further – Venamy Orchids in Brewster is a feast for any flower lover’s senses, so much so that it would be tough for even the finest botanical gardens to compete. A greenhouse with aisle after aisle of orchids to browse, the store is drenched in color and spectacular beauty. Orchids run big and small, red and yellow and purple, plain and patterned. They also run the gamut from affordable, starting at $15, to, the way one orchid caretaker puts it, unapproachable. The flowers are there to buy, rent, grow or simply admire, making Venamy a destination for flower lovers from well beyond the neighborhood.

Cool Finds: Say I Love You with a Cockroach

Roses are red, violets are blue and roaches are just gross. But, hey, swath anything in chocolate and wrap it up all pretty for Valentine’s Day and it’s all good. So why not go for the novelty this year and give your Valentine a roach – a giant hissing roach – of his or her very own courtesy of the Bronx Zoo? For $10, you can name one of the zoo’s 58,000 Madagascar hissing cockroaches after whoever on your list won’t scream too loud. Up the outlay to $25, and Your Special Someone will also get hand-painted, artisanal chocolate roach delivered directly.

More New Metro North Train Cars to Love – Hate

You may recall our conflicted feelings about the new M-8 rail cars on the Metro-North Red Line. Your chances of riding a cleaner, more comfortable | more sterile, computer-voice   train between Connecticut and Grand Central just increased. Metro-North and the State of Connecticut added more new cars to the New Haven Line. As of Monday, 78 new cars are operating on the line — enough to cover about 24% of regular weekday rides.  The new M-8 railcars will cover an even higher percent of weekend travelers.

Reader Mail: When Clean Up Leaves Trash Behind

Reader Marjorie Kaufman writes in with the picture above, about a mess left on Taylors Lane in Mamaroneck by Westchester Joint Water Works crews. Taylors Lane runs from the Boston Post Road to the Sound. I’m attaching some recent pictures illustrating the mess that WJWW  made on our street while replacing the water main. It’s so offensive that their contractors despoiled our neighborhood with their garbage, and worse, littered the Otter Creek Nature Preserve. They have cleaned up some of it after several of us lodged complaints.

Cool Finds: Art Museum in Halls of New Rochelle High


Right in there with lockers, classrooms and teenagers cruising down corridors, a hidden gem of an art museum makes its home at New Rochelle High School. The only state-chartered museum in a school in New York State, the Museum of Arts & Culture exhibits art created by students and outside artists alike. The exhibit featured in these photos showcases the creations of graduating senior CJ Senerchia. The culmination of CJ’s artistic efforts throughout high school, the exhibit ends with a closing reception from 6:30-8 p.m. Tuesday. “This was years in the making,” says fine arts teacher Marc Schneider.