Hollywood all Around Us: Should New Rochelle Street be Renamed for Dick Van Dyke?

Did you know they were here? My Favorite Martian, Ozzie and Harriet, Dick Van Dyke and of course, Joan Rivers…

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Out of theLoop: Arrested for Trying to Pick Up Kids at School (loopTV)

theLoop’s editor asks, when is it a crime to walk home from school?

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Out of the Loop: What’s the Capital of Canada? (loopTV)

“Out of theLoop,” features Loop editors on Yahoo.

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Capitol Theatre Getting Ready for its Close Up

PORT CHESTER–The Cap- the historic Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, that once hosted rock and roll icons like Jerry Garcia, Frank Zappa, Fleetwood Mac, the list goes on…gets a new lease on life in September when it re-opens as a music venue for the first time in many years. This video is a clever tribute to what was…and what could be.

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Before and After: A Local Business Celebrates its 30th

LARCHMONT — Thirty years in business, any business, is something to celebrate. So we celebrate Kurt Sauer Opticians in Larchmont on their 30th anniversary. Have a look at the store and owner Josie Fanelli, then– (remember the 80s?) when she was an apprentice to previous owner Kurt Sauer.  And now. They haven’t changed a bit. Congrats!

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Congrats on the Latest Addition to the Johnson Food Truck

In our story last week, below, we mentioned the Johnson Truck was expecting another Lil’ Johnson Jr.

A baby boy arrived this morning weighing in at 8 lbs., 9 oz. Bigger than a Po’ Boy, that’s for sure. Congrats! I just had an almost perfect New Orleans style bowl of Red Beans and Rice. The brown sauce had just the right amount of Cajun seasoning.

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Cool Finds: The Johnson Food Truck

 A special Spring Break treat… I just had an almost perfect New Orleans style bowl of Red Beans and Rice. The brown sauce had just the right amount of Cajun seasoning. It was served from a truck. One of the things, I always say, that makes a town world class, is the ability to access gourmet grub on wheels.

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Rumorville Video: Automated Parking for Mamaroneck?

A proposed garage system for the Village of Mamaroneck would be much like the one seen in this video from Germany.

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LoopTV: Beyond theLoop, Episode 1

You’re now Beyond the Loop. Our new talk show is sort of a The View, but with real people, who actually work and raise children. Our pilot is taped at Larchmont’s Espana Restaurant, where we debate such heady topics as the conflict in North Africa, the Cialis commercial with the bathtubs and knock off designer bags on Canal Street. Want to be a guest or know a good one? drop us a line at beyondtheloop@theloopny.com .

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Video: Local Auction Sells Painting for $460K


One of the Jasper Cropsey paintings we told you about this week fetched a cool $460,000 Sunday at the Clarke Auction Gallery in Larchmont. It was purchased by a Connecticut man who asked to remain anonymous. “It’s a remarkable painting,” he said. The Hudson River School painter’s “Prospect Point, Niagara Falls in Winter,” a 15″high by 24″ wide oil painting, one of two Cropseys found in a West Hartford, Ct. home’s rec room recently, was painted about 1856.

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NY Parking Garages: ‘An Outlaw Class’ ?

New York City parking garages may be costing you a few dents, and costing the City millions in lost tax revenue.

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Are you on LoopTV?

You already know theLoop is staffed by veteran print and broadcast journalists. Please keep in mind we can put our Emmy award winning TV skills to work for you. We have a full production facility. We can promote your business or your favorite cause.  Have a look at a video we did, below,  for one great local business in New Rochelle. Then, go have a look at all the fun episodes we just did, just for fun, on LoopTV.

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This Town Rocks. No, Really.

The Father of our Country and other weird stuff.

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