Building of the Week: The Standard Star



The Standard Star building in New Rochelle has seen better days, but at one time the 1924 New-Classical Revival-style building was the hub of local publishing.

Constructed to house the newspaper The Standard Star — which was created the year before, when The Evening Standard and The Daily Star became one and the same — the building at 251 North Avenue now stands empty, showing signs of both its vibrant past as a publishing hub and the real estate agency last housed there.

Located right next to the North Avenue post office, the building and its historic past stand in sharp contract to its neighbor, New Roc City. Will the building finds new life as part of downtown New Rochelle’s future?

2 thoughts on “Building of the Week: The Standard Star

  1. I remember this building from back when I worked for the Gannett subsidiary Westchester Rockland Newspapers, and back when Gannett actually HAD local newspapers. Whether it was the Standard Star, The Daily Times (whose building I understand is still occupied; not by Gannett), The Reporter Dispatch, etc., it’s good to see the Loop carrying on the banner that Gannett unceremoniously dumped.

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