Building of the Week: “The Cap,” Port Chester


The website at proudly proclaims:

The Capitol Theatre is back! Once one of rock and roll’s most historic venues, The Capitol Theatre will make its triumphant return to Port Chester, NY in 2012. A former home to legendary acts such as The Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, David Bowie and more, the Capitol Theatre is returning to its prestigious roots and is ready to reclaim its place in music history.

By summer we should be hearing about ribbon cuttings and concerts at The Capitol. According to the New York Times, Peter Shapiro, an owner of Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg, hopes to produce about 100 concert performances a year in the 1,835-seat theater.

It will be a great turn-back of events for the beautiful and historic theater, which had been used most recently for Bar Mitzvahs and a circus. Rock on!

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