Irene: Flooding, Power Outages Begin


Businesses started boarding up Saturday

Hurricane Irene  has swept into town, and reports of flooding and power outages in our area started to trickle in Sunday morning. We will post information town-by-town as it becomes available to us.

However, we ecommend you check the agencies that serve your area periodically to keep apprised of hurricane-related development as it heads our way.


Police on Saturday afternoon issued a mandatory evacuations for residents who live in “close proximity” to the Long Island Sound or in “low lying” areas. When asked how those areas are defined, police said that it is up to individual homeowners. A Mamaroneck High School gym has been opened as an evacuation center.

Police also said that in an event of a power outage, residents should call Con Edison directly and stay away from downed power lines.

Mayor Josh Mandell on Friday declared a state of emergency, and made the following recommendations:

  • Residents in low elevation and coastal zones should evacuate by 5 p.m. Saturday. The Post Road Gym at Mamaroneck High

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    School will be used as an evacuation center. Updates will be made via the Police Department’s reverse dialer system. Call 834-1000 to register for it.

  • Residents of low-lying areas are encouraged to move their cars to one of the Village parking lots, particularly Lot #3 at the train station above I-95. Parking regulations in the lots will be suspected 8 a.m. Saturday through the duration of the storm.
  • Have an emergency kit ready as well as a family emergency plan in place. Information on planning for an emergency can be found online.
  • Know your emergency service phone numbers, but note that 911 is to be used for true emergencies only. The police department is at 834-1000; the fire department is at 834-0600 for emergencies and 834-0016 for non-emergencies; public works is at 834-6965; Con Edison is at 1-800-75CONED.
  • Sign up for alerts on the Village website.


Town Administrator Steve Altieri  on Friday issued the following message which includes information on mandatory evacuations:

“The Town has declared a state of emergency effective today for Hurricane Irene. Tropical to Hurricane force winds and 6 to 10 inches of rain will likely lead to power outages flooding and road closures. The storm should begin to effect our area around 9:00pm on Saturday.

“For coastal residents a mandatory evacuation order has been issued. Residents in coastal areas must leave their homes by 5:00pm tomorrow. Residents living along the Sheldrake River should strongly consider making arrangements for a possible evacuation. Emergency Assistance or emergency evacuation will be impossible under the expected weather conditions. An evacuation shelter at Mamaroneck High School Post Road gym will be opened at 5:00pm on Saturday. The Town’s Emergency Operations Center at the Weaver Street Firehouse will also open tomorrow afternoon.

“The 911 System will be busy during this event so please call 911 only for real emergencies. We will issue additional telephone advisories as needed. Also, you can obtain additional information regarding your own preparedness for the storm on the Town website.”


The village on Saturday issued a mandatory evacuation order for residents of low lying, flood prone areas. Residents who need transportation to a shelter will begin picking passengers up at 4:30 p.m. at the corner of Old White Plaines Road and Madison Road. Updates are available on the village website.

Boats remained in Harbor Island waters despite warnings

New Rochelle: The city Saturday afternoon declared a state of emergency and urged residents of flood-prone and low lying areas to evacuate by 6 p.m. A release issued by the city read:

A state of emergency has been declared for the City of New Rochelle. Residents in flood-prone and low-lying areas at risk of being cut off by flooded roadways should strongly consider evacuating to family and friends or to an emergency shelter if they have no other options. Evacuation should be completed by 6 pm. 

  • ·          Albert Leonard Middle School, 25 Gerada Lane, has been opened as an emergency shelter by the Red Cross for those in need of temporary relocation.
  • ·          Emergency services will respond only to calls involving threats to life and safety, as conditions allow, particularly during the height of the storm.
  • ·          Vehicles may be moved off street to meter spaces in City-owned municipal parking lots. Meter parking enforcement has been suspended citywide for the entire weekend.
  • ·          PHONE NUMBERS:

Call Con Edison directly to report all outages at (800) 75-CONED.To report downed trees, call 654-6118For non-emergency issues related to the storm, call 654-2300 or 2-1-1. Additionally, it is recommended that residents take photographs of the current condition of their dwelling as well as the items within their homes that might be damaged by storm surges, high winds, and/or flooding. Documentation of assets and their condition prior to the hurricane may assist with insurance claims. The City of New Rochelle will continue to issue regular updates through the City website ;Facebook and Twitter; NRTV Cable Channel 75 and FIOS Channel 28; and automated phone and email messages.Residents can subscribe to receive these emergency alerts directly through the City’s website at A complete list of action steps can be found on the City of New Rochelle website ; and

EMERGENCY RESPONSE: Emergency services will respond only to calls involving threats to life and safety, particularly during the height of the storm.

No gas left at a New Rochelle station

Residents on Friday received the following message in an automated call from Mayor Noam Bramson:

“This is an emergency update from the City of New Rochelle. Hurricane Irene is expected to strike our area on Saturday night and continue through Sunday afternoon. Preparation is critical.Check your household supplies.Please secure your outdoor furniture, garbage cans and other items that might blow away and cause damage.

“Residents in flood prone and low-lying coastal areas should carefully monitor additional emergency communications. In case it becomes necessary for you to leave your home, have a clear plan for where you will stay and how you will get there. Friends and relatives are the best option. In addition, the City and the Red Cross will operate an emergency shelter at Albert Leonard Middle School beginning at noon on Saturday.

“Once the storm hits, travel will be difficult and dangerous, and many roads may be closed. The time to move to alternative housing is before the storm arrives, not after. At-risk areas will likely receive additional automated messages with further instructions as needed.Vehicles can be moved off street to any City-owned municipal parking lot. Parking enforcement has been suspended citywide for the entire weekend.

“Lastly, please note that emergency services will respond only to calls involving threats to life and safety, particularly during the height of the storm.We recommend that you sign up now to receive these emergency messages on your cell phone or via email, so that you’ll remain in touch even if electrical or telephone service is disrupted. To do so, visit the City website at From the homepage, click on the “Sign Up Now – Connect CTY” icon in the lower right corner. And then follow the remaining instructions.The City will continue sending bulletins via Cablevision Channel 75 and FIOS Channel 28, the City website at, Facebook, Twitter, and automated phone and email messages. The City team will continue working round the clock to manage conditions as well as we are able. This has been Mayor Noam Bramson. Thank you very much for your attention and cooperation.


The Rye Police Department advised residents of the Blind Brook area to evacuate at 5:20 Sunday morning, saying that flooding is imminent.  A drop-in center for evacuated residents seeking refuge from the storm has been opened at the Rye Golf Club, 330 Boston Post Road. The alert read:

“The Blind Brook has crested at the Bowman Avenue Dam. Based on the forecast for additional rainfall, we believe that flooding is imminent. If you live in an area of Indian Village affected by flooding, please prepare to evacuate.

“We will be monitoring the situation and will issue additional warnings if it becomes necessary.

Again, flooding appears to be imminent. Please prepare to evacuate.”

The Police Department issued an alert Saturday afternoon advising residents of flood prone and low lying areas. An overnight shelter has been established at Port Chester High School, 1 Tamarack Road and Rye Brook. A drop-in temporary shelter has been established at Whitby Castle.


Irene nears New York Saturday at 2:30 p.m.


At this time, National Weather Service forecasts call for Hurricane Irene to impact the New York Metropolitan area beginning on the evening of Saturday, August 27, 2011. Tropical Storm/Hurricane force winds are expected to begin by 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. This is expected to be a dangerous storm with high winds, heavy rain, and a significant storm surge. Based on the current forecast, flooding is likely in both coastal and inland flood-prone areas.

Residents of flood-prone areas are encouraged to evacuate their homes for safety by 7:00 P.M. on Saturday, August 27, 2011, until the storm has passed. If you choose to remain in place, please be aware that during periods of gale-force winds, it will be unsafe to deploy rescue personnel, and rescue operations will be suspended until it is safe to resume them.

This remains a potentially dangerous storm; please monitor weather forecasts and take recommended precautions. Preparedness information is available on the FEMA website,, or on the City of Rye website,

Due to concerns about flooding, Car Park 1, Highland Hall and City Hall parking lots will be closed as of 9 p.m. Saturday.

The police department will continue to issue alerts online.

SCARSDALE: An evacuation center has been opened at Quaker Ridge Road School, located at 125 Weaver Street.

WESTCHESTER COUNTY: The County Government has set up a site to assist with storm preparation. Legislator Judy Myers, who represents Larchmont, Mamaroneck and Rye, send made the following recommendations via an email:

“As we await the probable arrival of Hurricane Irene, now is the time to make sure that our households are prepared for any emergency situations that might result from the storm: loss of utilities, flooding and so on. 


  • Bring inside all loose objects from your yard, porch or terrace, including yard furniture;
  • Secure  your doors and windows;
  • Stay tuned to local news sources for word on the storm’s timing and severity, and possible evacuation orders;
  • Check on relatives, friends and neighbors with disabilities or special needs;
  • Make sure you have on hand plenty of bottled water (1 gallon per person, per day), nonperishable food and plenty of batteries for all of your flashlights and portable radios;
  • Make sure valuables are secured in waterproof containers;
  • Pack a “Go Bag” and bedding in case you need to evacuate;
  • Keep friends and family notified of your whereabouts if you choose to leave your home;
  • Make sure you have supplies for your pets, infants and chronically ill family members. 

For your convenience, I have included at the end of this message a list of useful phone numbers and a Go Bag packing list, as well as the link for the  hurricane update and preparedness  section of the County’s website.We don’t yet know how hard the storm will hit our area, but we will all make it through comfortably if we stay informed, and be prepared for all contingencies.


  • Copies of your important documents in a waterproof and portable container (insurance cards, photo ID’s, proof of address, etc.
  • Extra set of car and house keys
  • Copies of credit/ATM cards and $50-$100 cash in small denominations
  • Bottled water and nonperishable food such as energy or granola bars
  • Flashlight
  • Battery operated AM/FM radio and extra batteries
  • Up-to-date medication information and other essential personal items.  Keep a list of the medications each member of your household taxes, why they take them, and their dosages, Also include all doctors’ names and phone numbers
  • First aid kit
  • Contact and meeting place information for your household and a small regional map
  • Child care supplies


First and foremost –Do not call 911 for non-emergencies. An alternative contact number is United Way’s 211 HelpLineConEd power outage or gas and electrical service problems: (800) 75-CONED
NYSEG electricity power outage: (800) 572-1131 (Check outages in your area.)NYSEG natural gas power outage: (800) 572-1121 County Parkways: Call the county police at (914) 864-7700 for the latest county parkway conditions
Local road conditions: Call your local police or highway department. Look up the numbers now and add them to you list.
Bee-Line Buses: (914) 813-7777 for bus service status or (914) 995-7272 and press 2 at the prompt, for paratransit status
Airline arrivals: Call the carrier directly or for real-time flight information go to the Westchester County Airport Web site
Metro-North Railroad: (800) METRO INFO
School closings and delays: WFAS storm center, News 12 or WCBS radio
No heat or no hot water in rental apartments: Call your local building department or, during after hours, the local police department.

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