House of the Day: Bonnie Crest New Rochelle, $998,000


This is one of those houses built right in the middle of (what’s left of) the American Dream. Bonnie Crest is the very neighborhood that spawned Rob and Laurie Petrie , and just down the block on Lord Kitchener Road, lived Norman Rockwell in his later years.

The 120 Verdun Avenue listing shows lots of interior shots, so there may not be much of a yard out back.  It will be interesting to see if the seller gets full price of just under a $ 1 Million for 4 bedrooms with taxes of $24,000.

Still, if the suburban idyll is why you came here, you can’t do much better.

Are those pink flamingos by the front door?  Sure hope so.

Take a look at the listing in theLoop’s Real Estate Listings Marketplace.

4 thoughts on “House of the Day: Bonnie Crest New Rochelle, $998,000

  1. Rob and Laura lived in the house that Rob Riener grew up in on Bonnie Meadow Rd about a mile away from this house, but not in Bonnie Crest.

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