Police Blotter 2.9.11


Crime of the Week: A Harbor Island resident reported his snow blower had been taken by an unknown person. The item was worth approximately $700. Investigation of the incident continues. Feb. 7


VEHICLE & TRAFFIC LAW ARREST: A Bronx man was arrested and charged with operating with a suspended license after he was observed operating his vehicle on Palmer and committing a traffic infraction. The operator was released on $200 bail. Jan. 29

BAD CHECK: A Scarsdale woman reported that she received a check drawn in the amount of $100 and when she attempted to cash the check she discovered the account had been closed. Feb. 1

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: The owner of a Chatsworth Avenue building reported that someone had damaged the boiler and A/C unit in the building, causing $5000 in damages. Feb. 1

DWI ARREST: A Chestnut Avenue man was arrested and charged with Felony DWI. He was arrested after he drove his vehicle into a snow bank on Larchmont Ave. The vehicle was impounded, and he was released on $200 bail. Feb. 2

BURGLARY: A Wendt Avenue resident reported that sometime during the early afternoon hours someone entered his residence and removed valuables valued at $1850. Feb. 2

LARCENY: A Palmer Avenue business owner reported that a female entered her establishment, and shortly after she exited the store, merchandise valued at $200 was discovered missing. Feb. 3

ATTEMPTED LARCENY: Chase Bank employees reported that a male attempted to cash fraudulent checks, drawn in excess of $2700. Feb. 3


BURGLARY: A Warren Avenue resident reported that an unknown party entered her house and stole property. The unidentified suspects were reported to have taken jewelry worth approximately $500. The investigation of the matter still continues. Feb. 3

LARCENY: A Palmer Avenue resident reported his wallet had been stolen. The wallet included $250 in cash along with bank, credit and various other cards. Feb. 3

ACCIDENT HIT & RUN: A Boston Road resident reported that his car had been hit. The car was unoccupied and no one witnessed the collision. The driver’s side mirror was badly damaged along with other minor damages on the same side of the vehicle. The damage is worth approximately $500. Feb. 3

LARCENY: A man on Mamaroneck Avenue was reported to have stolen ink cartridges. The man is still unknown but a description is available. The cartridges were worth $325. The situation is still being investigated. Feb. 4

DUI: A woman was charged with a DUI while driving on Mamaroneck Avenue. The girl was reported to be 21 years-old. No one was harmed and no damages were reported. Feb. 5

SUSPICIOUS INCIDENT: A woman walking on Barry Avenue called dispatch claiming there was a man following her. Upon patrol’s arrival to the scene the two had already gone separate ways. The incident was just a false alarm, no contact was made. Feb. 5


CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: The owner of Chestnut Ridge Transportation Inc. reported that one of his buses had been vandalized. Someone had struck and cracked the driver side window. The cost to repair the damages was estimated at $300. The suspect is still unidentified and the matter is still being investigated. Feb. 5


(see also Scarsdale Undercover)

SERVICES RENDERED: A pedestrian on Boston Post road made a report claiming someone was trapped under snow on Butler Field. Upon arrival to the scene there were no signs of trapped individual. A high school employee was questioned as well and he claimed he had seen nothing of the sort. Jan. 31

SERVICES RENDERED: An Emerald Tree Care foreman made a report claiming that someone was taking pictures of him and his workers. The workers were removing trees in a parking lot on Fox Meadow Road. The man taking the photographs had already left the scene when the patrol unit arrived. Patrol did not notice any hazardous conditions or safety violations. Patrol told the foreman to call dispatch again if the man returned. Jan. 31

SERVICES RENDERED: A Fox Meadow Road resident filed a complaint against the Emerald Tree Care company that was removing trees during that day. The police returned to the men who were removing the trees. The foreman presented patrol with a permit issued by the city of Scarsdale. The men were suppose to remove three White Birch trees. Patrol returned to the complainant and presented their findings. The man was unhappy and commented that the trees were green at the top. Jan. 31

SERVICES RENDERED: The niece of a Colvin Road resident reported that the front door to her Aunt’s house had been open. She believed that someone may have broken into the house. Upon arrival patrol checked the house and found no signs of entry, all was in order. The owner of the house claimed she may have left the keys in the unlocked door upon leaving. Feb. 5


LARCENY: A Locust Avenue resident reported that a woman had taken her bag from the lobby of a YMCA. The bag was a Kate Spade Diaper Bag; it contained the victims wallet. The unidentified female who committed the larceny was caught on tape. The tape was handed over to the detective division and the victim filed an owner’s deposition. Feb. 4

IDENTITY THEFT & FRAUD: A Garden Drive resident reported that someone had used her bank card in Mexico on Feb. 2. The unidentified person withdrew $503 from the account. The woman claimed she had the card on her during her vacation from Dec. 31 to Jan. 2. The bank has begun an internal investigation on the matter. Feb. 4

AIDED CASE: A highly intoxicated juvenile female was spotted by patrol on Overlook Road. The girl was being attended to by two adult females. Upon EMS arrival the girl was escorted to White Plains Hospital. Feb. 4

BURGLARY: A Brevoort Lane resident reported that his back door had been broken into. The man was away on vacation when the incident had occurred. His ex-wife went to go check out the house. Upon arrival to the house she noticed the back door was busted and entry was attempted. The situation is being investigated further. There were no witnesses to the incident. Feb. 6

One thought on “Police Blotter 2.9.11

  1. “An Emerald Tree Care foreman made a report claiming that someone was taking pictures of him and his workers… Patrol told the foreman to call dispatch again if the man returned”


    The correct action would have been:

    Foreman: A man is taking photos of us.
    Dispatcher: Is that all he’s doing?
    Foreman: Yes.
    Dispatcher: This is still a free country, it’s not a crime to take photographs. Please call back if there is a problem, but ‘taking photographs’ is not a police matter…

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