Blogging in the Dark



Our neighborhood has pulled together, though the cold and sleeplessness is a very personal thing, as we worry about our children, pets, homes.

A bonfire block party to help the children celebrate a Halloween that never came. A generator in one home fueling iphones lined up like soldiers waiting for the call. email chains to inform those who live alone about the status of a Century oak that now lies on four live wires, or where a store or restaurant is open.

We want school to open Monday to give kids structure and a warm place to play. I watched with envy and relief as the lights came on in Lower Manhattan.

I think it’s our turn now, don’t you?

We have limited power here. To those who have asked us to post your news: Benefit tonight at the Watercolor Cafe, libraries open until 9 pm, power returning slowly to lower Westchester, we apologize for the quick post.

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One thought on “Blogging in the Dark

  1. Stay safe. The power came back on at our store last night. We are open today. I wish the same good fortune for the rest of our community. Hopefully soon things will be back to normal, our lives will be back on track and we will take everything that we have missed for granted once again.

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