Town of Mamaroneck Zoning Approved by Federal Housing Monitor

20 Dec, 2013

By Polly Kreisman


Hommocks Park Apartments

The Town of Mamaroneck has been “lauded” by the Federal Monitor overseeing the County Housing Settlement, and taken the Town off the list of those required to zone for affordable housing, according to Town Supervisor Nancy Seligson.

“The decision was based on two exemplary amendments to the Town’s zoning code,” she said.

“The Town of Mamaroneck was very surprised to be on the list to begin with since we never had exclusionary zoning practices. …We look forward to seeing additional fair and affordable housing in the Town”.

The Town re-zoned its business district to permit multi-family housing, its business district to allow multifamily housing by special permit.

Mamaroneck had been cited, along with  Pelham Manor, Harrison, Croton-on-Hudson, Lewisboro, Ossining town,  and Pound Ridge as having  “little or no land designated for multifamily housing, no incentives or mandates for affordable housing and slow progress in adopting a model fair housing ordinance.”

“We presented the history of fair and affordable housing in the Town including the Hommocks Park Apts and our robust Section 8 program, Selig adds. “We took them on a tour of the Town after the first meeting and explained that we are open and invite additional fair and affordable housing in the Town.”


photo: Courtesy Gramatan Management
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