• Jjinla

    350 kids all received 1st place ribbons? And we wonder why kids are so screwed up nowadays!

  • Annabelle

    Each kid got a ribbon mentioning the place, the date and the distance run. No mention of first place.

    • http://www.theloopny.com editor

      The ribbons were blue. Perhaps I assumed this was a way of equalizing all the participants.

    • Anonymous

      The article said that 350 kids got first place ribbons. If they are just participation awards, that isn’t quite as bad.

  • kayblossom

    Look at that — the men in the 40s beat all the other male age groups! What are the ages of the two overall winners?

    • Larchmont Mom

      Alexander Burks is 15. Probably the reason the 40 year olds performed so well is that there are so many 40 year old runners in Larchmont!

    • narisawild

      hi there, I won the ladies and am a 39 yr old mom of 3 :)
      the blue ribbons were just finishers’ ribbons for the 1 mile fun run. No mention of being 1st place – it was a great initiative for the children to just participate in a run, many for the first time (including my own children).

      • kayblossom

        Good for you – and congratulations!

  • johnmurphy

    Great showing and a spectacular job by the teams organizing the race..are the overall final times broken down in age groups or overall times posted anywhere..? Maybe use a race timing system next year w mats and chips..Again though great time looking forward to next year.

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