Wellington’s Grill Back in Harrison

Restaurateur and caterer William Powell has brought back the original Wellington’s Grill on Halstead Ave. in Harrison

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Coming Up: Valentines Day Dining Ideas

A few traditional suggestions for Valentine’s Day

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Loop Food: La Sirene, Larchmont

“Let natural food flavors express themselves,” is their culinary philosophy.

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Larchmont’s La Riserva: Renovated and Reopened

The Vivolo family of La Riserva in Larchmont have completed a major renovation of the premises

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Loop Food: Prime 16 in Pelham

Prime 16 has brought its gastro-pub burger and tap house concept to Pelham.

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Loop Food: Oktoberfest in Westchester

It may mean traveling far afield, but we have some ideas for you to get your Oktober on.

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Loop Food: Bravo! Larchmont’s Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo Tacos & Tequila has south-of-the-border pleasures waiting inside.

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Oom Pah! Oktoberfests in Westchester

Take in the German-style beers and ethnic specialties to the sounds and scenery of the Bavarian Alps.

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Loop Food: Encore, Encore!

After months of renovation, Encore Bistro Francais in Larchmont has opened a second Encore Bistro on Purchase Street in Rye.

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Local ‘Chef’ in Movie Theaters Now

In the film Jon makes a decisive career move. He is offered an old beat up rusted food truck that had been sitting in a garage in Miami, and decides to restore it and take it for a major life altering road trip

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Loop Food: Lombardo’s, White Plains

Lombardo’s, a 75-seat contemporized family style Italian-American pizza restaurant and market

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Loop Food: Zabidury Cuisine

Star of the nightlife is sure to be Manchita, a mechanical bull that sits in its own fancy padded stall waiting for riders.

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Loop Food: If Orchids Make you Hungry in the Bronx

And after taking in all that beauty, we do get hungry. So where do we dine nearby?

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Loop Food: Trattoria Vivolo

The 70-seat Trattoria Vivolo is housed in a sparkling vintage diner.

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LoopFood: Chinese New Year

The Chinese Lunar New Year, Year of the Horse, is Friday, Jan. 31st, and Asian restaurants throughout the area will mark the occasion

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LoopFood: La Riserva, Larchmont

La Riserva Trattoria, is marking 36 years in Larchmont. Look around, you may spot former Yankees manager Joe Torre

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LoopFood: La Piccola Casa

This historic building is in danger of being razed. It’s a good time to check out La Piccola Casa.

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LoopFood: Mulino’s, White Plains

It is over-the-top at Mulino’s of Westchester in White Plains during the holidays

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LoopFood: Calcutta Curry House

Exotic sights, sounds, scents and flavors of regional Indian cuisine

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