New York Dreaming: How a Poet was Born

10 Apr, 2011

By Polly Kreisman

Back in 2009, we had a contest where we asked readers to let us know what they liked most about theLoop.  And the winner of “Love Your Loop” received not just a great prize…but a new career.

Leslie-Anne Brill of Mamaroneck entered a poem:

From Raves to Rants

And Rants to Raves

Let’s Eat Out–our local faves

Mooning nannies


Another new bank? Did they vote on that bill?

Male minutiae

Lively debates

Special offers

Mixers at Plates

A spirited hyperlocal fix

Comments from the Editrix

Seizes the day and sees the rat

This Just In and where it’s at

Perspectives on the local poop

They know where you live

So Get In the Loop!

Now Leslie is the author of a new book,  New York Dreaming: Poems of the City, the Suburbs and Daily Life.

“It was that contest that started me, ” Leslie told us.  “I had written a little bit of poetry about 13 years ago, for a few months, and then stopped. I don’t think it actually occurred to me to write a poem again until I thought of writing one for theLoop.”

Here is an excerpt from the book, in a piece about her home town:

Commercial interests bought up land,

on which some Indians remained

until succumbing to disease-

a few, perhaps, enslaved?

But wait:

this book says Richbell was the first to buy

“individual land use rights”

to this land here-

were they then “purchased” twice?

It isn’t clear.

Leslie is married to the suburban foraging guru “Wildman” Steve Brill. You can learn more about Leslie and her book at

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  • Leslie Brill

    Thanks so much!! Now I’ll definitely continue reading TheLoop :)

  • Leslie Brill

    The book is now available at Anderson’s in Larchmont, and Brigit in Mamaroneck.