Artisinal Gifts at the New Rochelle Train Station


The New Rochelle BID wants you to know about a cool new shop at the New Rochelle train station, and submitted this:

A tingly, citrusy scent greeted a visitor to the newly opened Little Beehive shop in one end of the New Rochelle train station the other day. Store co-owner Melanie Reichler explained that the pleasant surprise came from the citronella candles in small, white bowls.

“I made those the other day,” she said. They were on display next to the honey-based soaps she makes encasing sections of loofa and infused with vetiver, patchouli or peppermint.

“Honey is really good for your skin,” Reichler said.

Those are just a couple of items offered by the store that opened in early May, bringing splashes of originality, high quality and regional flair with accessories, novelties and humorous gifts to a space where commuters might expect to find a taxi dispatcher.

Most items sold there are made by people in the Westchester region. Even the perfume oil, Kiori, is a local specialty, coming from Katonah and blending “only pure, essential plant-based oils known for thousands of years to be aphrodisiacs,” as its website explains.

“It’s small-batch, it has a following, and people love it,” Dawn-Marie Manwaring, Reichler’s business partner, said.

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