Arrests in Larchmont Crossing Guard Assault


Lucian Cappello from Facebook page


update: The two men were released on $1000 bond this evening. They are due back in court July 9.
The crossing guard returned to work today.


Two New Rochelle men have been arrested in Thursday’s assault of a Larchmont Crossing Guard, according to Town of Mamaroneck Police.

They are Lucian Cappello, 32, of 16 Park Ave. in New Rochelle, charged with Obstruction of Government Administration and Assault in the 3rd Degree, and

Anthony Vaccaro, 37, of 64 Pelham Rd., in New Rochelle, charged with  Obstruction of Government Administration and Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Injuries.

Family members of suspects enter court Monday night

All of the charges are high level misdemeanors. The men were held pending arraignment, which occurred Monday night.

photo above: Jacqueline Silberbush

9 thoughts on “Arrests in Larchmont Crossing Guard Assault

  1. I cannot believe someone just said, “Can you think of a more pathletic person to pick on then a crossing guard?”. How dare someone look down upon people in such judgement.

    I praise all crossing guards for their patience with all of the rude and aggressive drivers out there and for helping to keep our children safe every day.

    Who ever made that comment about crossing guards is himself pathetic. And the drivers of the car who hit the guard are even more so.

  2. Ok everyone can we please chill on the personal attacks in comments? I don’t want to see anymore insults or your post will be deleted.

  3. The flimsy charges are an outrage. Look at these low level wide-guy wannabees!!! They should stay in New Rochelle where low-lifes like this belong! I can only imagine the “family” of supporters that packed the court room. It probably resembled the cast of Good Fellas. Disgusting, that filth like this could endanger our children.

  4. Why am I not surprised at such flimsy charges? These lowlife punks should be charged with felonies. Assault 2 fits fine, and I’m sure there are plenty of other charges that would also work. These creeps assaulted a public officer and endangered our children. They need to serve real time. … But somehow I had a feeling it wouldn’t happen. Ask yourself, who makes these decisions?

    • Why am I not surprised that another person makes a comment without knowing the full extent of the story…there was much more to this story then what got published in a one sided article. Dont start making judgment decisions on people until you get the whole story right….but seems like you believe everything you read. Try the national enquirer…you’ll love it.

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