Armonk’s Only Supermarket Closes


Over in Armonk, residents have lost their only supermarket, as reported by our friends at

As expected, the Armonk A&P has closed its doors for good. Most of us would agree that it was never a great supermarket, but it served the needs of the community. We stood in the interior of the store as everything remaining was being cut up for scrap material.
The entire store was being demolished and the walls and shelves were cut up and put out in carting bins. The scrap collector was on hand to haul the materials off in big dumpsters. The A&P’s outdoor signs were down.

Residents gathered to say their goodbyes to the employees; unfortunately, customers were turned away at the locked door.

Resident Marla Shechtman said she is heartbroken because the supermarket was the heart of Armonk and a place where she saw so many people in town.


If this was your town, what would you do?

5 thoughts on “Armonk’s Only Supermarket Closes

  1. We in Pound Ridge are very fortunate to have an independent, Scotts Corner Market. It’s been here since the ’50s. Because it’s stock comes directly from the produce and fish markets in Manhattan, it’s never been warehoused and is super fresh. At one time, in the ’70s, an A&P was supposed to come into town. We are all VERY happy that never happened! While the prices are sometimes a little higher, on the average we are not overpaying–especially since dairy and other produce that has not been “lounging” in a warehouse or on trucks, stays good much longer in my refrigerator!!!

  2. Fleetwood lost its only supermarket, also an A&P, several years ago. Here is some of what they did to try to fight back:

    Looks like a Key Food subsequently opened and closed there:

    I don’t know whether they currently have a supermarket.

    A&P isn’t doing well, but obviously this is quite a blow, especially for people without cars or computers, and it definitely reduces a town’s appeal. The town should do whatever it can to try to get another supermarket. In the meantime, perhaps other types of stores in the town could be persuaded to add some grocery items.

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