Are You Mom Enough? asks Time Magazine


And what do we think about this? Have you seen the latest Time?

L.A. mom Jamie Lynne Grumet is shown breast-feeding her nearly 4-year-old son. The picture and story on attachment parenting marks anniversary of Dr. Bill Sears’ The Baby Book.

James Rainey at the Los Angeles Times reports, “A Time magazine cover with L.A. mom Jamie Lynne Grumet breast-feeding her strapping, almost 4-year-old son promises to be the head-snapping checkout-stand stopper of the season, based on the fevered reaction provoked by the magazine’s pre-Mother’s Day landing…. “Editors at the news magazine said they ran the provocative cover photo and a story on attachment parenting to mark the 20th anniversary of the Dr. Bill Sears book on the subject, which helped power the movement for moms to establish deeper, and more prolonged, physical bonds with their children.” (more)

Yea, but just how prolonged?  Your thoughts welcomed.

One thought on “Are You Mom Enough? asks Time Magazine

  1. He, everybody has their own thing. I just think we shouldn’t judge others on what they want to do or feel is right for them and their family.
    I absolutely cheer on the breastfeeding, which is not common enough these days. For that matter at least she did it!

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