(Another) Day in the Life of Larchmont



Window of Larchmont Art

A Day in the Life of Larchmont, the exhibit capturing 24 hours of October 20, 2011 in photographs is now on view at Larchmont Art.

Over 300 photos were submitted to the Larchmont Historical Society, whose Archivist, Lynne Crowley, curated the exhibit. About 180 were chosen, depicting everything from shoe repair to children frolicking, restaurant scenes and beloved animals.

Liana Colella, owner of the gallery for 26 years with her husband, says, “Having the photographs all grouped together like this is very dramatic.”  Some of Liana’s own photos were also chosen as part of the exhibit. Those that did not fit into this exhibit will be rotated in.

Our next post is a profile of Elisabeth Pollaert, the photographer that shot the exhibit’s poster image.

Larchmont Art Custom Picture Framing 1899 Palmer Ave.  Tuesdays through Saturdays from 12:30 to 5:00 pm. No website




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