A Night of HOPE in New Rochelle


New Rochelle's Songcatchers

With so much good fortune around us, the idea that families in our own neighborhoods are grappling with hunger can be a tough concept to wrap your head around.

But that reality — and those trying to do something to counter it — were on the minds of hundreds Thursday night, who attended the 25th Anniversary Gala for HOPE Community Services, the New Rochelle agency that has provided 9 million meals since its inception.

The event, held at the Beckwith Pointe Beach Club in New Rochelle, was both fundraiser and celebration, honoring individuals whose work promotes  HOPE’s mission of feeding people in need.

Though the evening was marked by lively music, balloons, food and dancing, HOPE today faces a pressing challenge, as the needs of low-income individuals continue to grow while funding sources dry up, the organization’s leaders say.

For more information about HOPE, visit the organization’s website.




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