New Rochelle: Stay Out of the Sound


Glen Island, New Rochelle

County officials are telling locals to stay out of the Long Island Sound in New Rochelle today and Tuesday following a “limited” sewage spill this morning.

As a precaution, swimmers and boaters should stay out of the water at Wright Island Marina,  Castaways Yacht Club, Imperial Yacht Club, Neptune Boat Club, New York Athletic Club, Snug Cove and Huguenot Yacht Club, Beckwith Pointe and Glen Island Park, all in New Rochelle, the County Health Department said.

The county has notified the beach and marina operators of the advisory, which stems from a “limited quantity of gray water (liquid sewage)” backing up through a sewer pipe and ultimately into a storm sewer that empties into the Sound.

“While the amount cannot be quantified, the flow was similar to the trickle of a garden hose left on accidentally,” officials said.

Environmental Health staff from the Westchester County Department of Health assessed the situation and have confirmed that there is no other sewage discharge, they said.

The City of New Rochelle, which owns the sewer, and the owner of the building and property into which the sewer backed up are working together to resolve the problem, they said.

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