Say Cheese! Get Some Culture at Larchmont’s Auray


auray cheese

For nine years, Larchmont’s Carolynn Dilworth has quietly come to work at her breakfast and brunch bistro Auray Gourmet at 7:00 am. By 8:00 it’s a bustling neighborhood destination with omelettes flying by and the hiss of the espresso machine under conversation.

auray cappucino

Carolynn Diworth


And did we mention the cheese?

With new co-owners (Ruedi and Alix Laager), a new Chef (Yannis Triantos) and plans to serve small plates style dinner beginning in Fall, Auray continues to surprise us.

“We are planning a new Grand Opening soon,” says Dilworth. “with dinner and some interior renovations coming, but right now, we are rolling out a new menu and keeping busy.”

A “Healthy Poche”, two poached eggs, avocado, crumbled goat cheese, toasted fitness bread  (below) is one great addition, and there are new sandwiches and cheeses.

auray poche

And how passionate are we about cheese here? So passionate, that she asked them to put her to work at Chällerhocker, in Switzerland (below), which churns out only 40 wheels a day in production– and you can find it in the case at Auray.

Along with more changes, look for another Oktoberfest Street Fair in the Fall.

auray cheese factory


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