What Will Become of New Rochelle’s Armory?


NEW ROCHELLE–It’s a question they’ve been asking in New Rochelle for almost a decade. What should be done with that hulking, historic Armory Building on Main Street? A decision should come by late September.

from LoHud:

One vision for the former Armory building on East Main Street would center around performing arts spaces while the other would transform the main space into a giant market promoting local vegetables, fruits and other foods.

Those were the two plans presented to the City Council this evening from development teams vying for the chance to reinvent the building and its 2.9-acre grounds on Echo Bay.

The first, pitched by the United Veterans Memorial and Patriotic Association and the Save Our Armory Committee with the New Rochelle Opera, had been publicized, but the more food-oriented one from a group called Good Profits, had been kept largely under wraps until the meeting in City Hall.

What do you think?

photos: Jacqueline Silberbush


One thought on “What Will Become of New Rochelle’s Armory?

  1. Both of those ideas are dumb. A local food market ? is that group willing to renovate the space and lose money on it ?
    The New Rochelle Opera needs, nay, DESERVES better space than that derelict building. Besides, the Save Our Armory team should have been in action and making noise about this building BEFORE the roof fell in – 25 years ago.
    Perhaps better ideas need to come from smarter people.

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