14 Year Old Arrested in Rye Invasion Hoax


Rye Police Department

RYE–A 14 year old Rye teen has been arrested in the home invasion hoax last week in Rye, says Rye Police Commssioner William Connors.

Last Wednesday a caller told Rye Brook Police that three armed men were in his home at 105 North Street in Rye and had shot his sister. He said the intruders were barricading the door of the home with couches and that he was hiding under a bed. The final message was “it is getting worse,” police say.

This caused a huge police response;  Rye Police, Rye Brook Police the Westchester County Department of Public Safety, Harrison Police, Port Chester Police and the MTA Police were all involved.  A woman was evacuated from the house with her teenaged son and two friends. Officers then entered the home to ensure that it was safe. It was later established that the call was unfounded.

“The danger associated with this activity often referred to as “swatting,” in which callers or computer hackers trigger the dispatch of a large emergency response to a false incident, cannot be understated,” said Connors.  “These are far from prank calls. They divert valuable resources from other duties.”

On Friday, detectives arrested the teen, charging him with Falsely Reporting an Incident in the Third Degree and Reckless Endangerment in the Second Degree. Because of his age, his case has been referred to Family Court.  Detectives are looking for more potential suspects.


10 thoughts on “14 Year Old Arrested in Rye Invasion Hoax

  1. He didn’t harm anyone, destroy property, or steal. However, he should be held responsible. Consequences should be some hard community service. I suggest he spend the summer cleaning public bathrooms, and doing outdoor maintenance jobs. Clearly he has nothing to occupy his time. I think the teens that vandalized manor park a couple of years ago should have been required to do the heavy manual labor to clean up and repair the damage they caused. If the judge doesn’t require restitution, the parents certainly should.

  2. He is 14 — just speaking from the current state of neuroscience, his brain is not far enough along to process consequences of his actions past the present. Punishment, yes, as a mature adult, no.

    • Then punish his parents…make them pay the entire cost of the police response.

      Besides, we are talking about a 14 year old here. Even my 6 year old knows not to pull something so entirely stupid as this.

      • Parents pay? Possibly. Let’s keep this serious, apples to apples; whatever his or her mental maturity, your six-year-old wouldn’t have the capacity to carry this off — have to hit puberty to have the voice.

        • Saying a 14 year old cannot process consequences past the present is half of the reason why so many self-entitled kids get away with murder in this town. Didn’t his parents ever learn what a time out was? Apparently not!

          • I understand your outrage at the situation, but to the point, let’s stick to the science — assuming you are not a science denier — I just did a quick Google search on adolescent neurological development regarding social and moral development. Plenty of recent studies (not to mention a recent relevent Supreme Court ruling), I won’t bore you with the links, but it might be interesting for you to explore the current development of your 6-year-old’s brain versus that of a 14-year-old’s. In all seriousness, it’s pretty fascinating.

          • I don’t need to scour for some study undoubtedly penned by an untra-liberal scientist that has yet to actually have kids. I have kids, and know that anyone that truly believes that 14 years olds still cant process consequences is someone that is going to be scratching their heads years from now wondering what they did wrong.

            Surely their brains are still developing at that age and their judgement isn’t quite as sophisticated as an adult, but to imply that a 14 year old doesn’t know that THIS is a bad idea…just wow!

          • Jinks, I was attempting to leave the political behind, but ahhh, I forgot, all science, the outcome of the scientific method, is by definition 100% political, so no neutral discussion is possible.

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