1000 Bicycles to Cross Tappan Zee


You can find Jim Kearns behind the counter at Giovanni’s Deli in Larchmont. The deli used to be Kearns Deli, before he sold it to someone else in the interim. But we digress.

Jim is up to something else, too. On Sunday, he says, 1000 bicyclists will be permitted to ride across the Tappan Zee Bridge and he will be one of them.

He writes:

Crossing the bridge by bicycle will be exciting but it is just the beginning of a difficult 57 mile ride– up to the Bear Mountain Bridge, across and back down to Tarrytown–I’ve done this before and believe me,it isn’t easy.
Although it’s a difficult ride, I don’t mind and in fact I thank God every day that I am able to do stuff like that. Unfortunately,people who have MS don’t have that luxury, which is why I am pleased that what is a challenging but essentially fun day for me can bring those folks some relief and, who knows? Maybe some day a cure.
I’d like to thank my son Joe for making a (very) generous contribution to spark this 11th hour fundraising.If you would like to join him in bringing some real  benefit to real people who are struggling with this cruel disease please visit www.bikeMSnyc.org click DONATE and type in my name.

Stop at the deli on the way.

top photo: Brett Weinstein

One thought on “1000 Bicycles to Cross Tappan Zee

  1. from Jim Kearns:

    Hi guys
    Thanks to all who were able to make a donation in connection to the MSBike ride held today! I’m happy to report that I was able to
    complete the entire 60 mi. route–seemingly all uphill!
    Special thanks to Polly Kreisman at the Loop for posting my previous letter and to John at Giovanni’s Deli for letting me advertise the event in the store.
    Also ,I would be remiss if I failed to thank the Shaklee Corporation for making natural nutritional products that actually make a noticeable difference in performance and recovery.
    Lastly I must apologize to my son Joe for not realizing that he was the guy in the black pick-up blowing his horn and screaming his head off mid-span on the Tappan Zee Bridge….I should have known.
    http://www.bikems.nyc.org click donate type in James Kearns if you’d like to make a donation
    http://www.theloopny.com for local news with spirit
    http://www.kearnshealthychoices.com for more info about healthy sports nutrition
    Just stop in to Giovanni’s and say Hi!
    Thanks again

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